Here’s How You Can Boost Your Local Business And Have More High-Quality Leads Ringing Your Phone!

Problem: You Want To Expand Your Business by Getting More Clients, But You Don’t Know How…

Effective SEO, Reviews And Google!

My Business Solutions Are Cost-Effective And Will Make A Positive Impact On Your Business!

From: Stephen Henbie (Owner of SurfCoast SEO)
Subject: Don’t You Think It’s Finally Time To Grow Your Local Business By Getting More Clients?

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Dear Local Business Owner,

If you feel that your local business can do much, much better, and that more clients ringing your phone would make the kind of impact you’re looking for…

You need to read keep reading this, as it’s very important to your success.

The reason is simple:

In just a few moments, you’ll discover the perfect solution that will allow you to finally take your local businesswhatever it might beto new heights.

Yes, I’m talking about more high-quality, interested leads ringing your phone off the hook and visiting your store to learn more about your services or products.

Rank #1 In Google Australia And Get More Visits To Your Store!

Here’s a fact:

The vast majority of Australian consumers usually head to Google in order to find more information about local businesses in their area.

Before committing to anything they do research online, and based on the information they find, they decide to make a move…or not.

That’s why it’s SO important that you take advantage of Google My Business Listings, Google Maps marketing and reviews to stay one step ahead of your competitors…

And put your business in front of thousands of eyeballs.

The bottom line is:

If you truly want to see a huge positive impact in your local business, and get more clients ringing the phone or visiting your store…

You need to adapt to and leverage the immense power of Google.

I will help you to achieve that!

Welcome To…

The Solution That Will Get You More Calls
To Your Local Business

My name is Stephen Henbie, and I’ve helped dozens upon dozens of uber-satisfied clients to take their business to the next level with Google My Business, Google Maps Marketing and Review Services.

I proudly run SurfCoast SEO, and unlike other companies that are too “corporate” and cold, I make sure that each and every one of my customers receives the best personalized service.

That means that I’ll work hand in hand with you until I get you the results that you’re looking for, for your local business.

And with over 18 Years of experience under my belt, you can bet that I know what I’m doing!

The Business-Boosting, Client-Getting Services
That I Offer To You:

There are three services I offer that will definitely make your telephone ring with calls from highly-quality leads—and remember, these will be people who are genuinely interested in your business.

So it’s very likely that they will drop by and do business with you!

Marketing Using Google Maps

Over the last few years, marketing with Google Maps Marketing has become a powerful tool for local business owners. And there’s a good reason for this:

People rely on Google Maps for directions, business information and reviews on virtually a daily basis.

Have a look at this example.

As you can see, I searched for “chocolate store” and got this result.

That means that “Haigh’s Chocolate” has the number one ranking, and it’s receiving most of the calls and visits (securing the #1 spot in Google My Business Listings guarantees MORE calls.)

Now, with this service I’ll do the grunt work of securing you the #1 spot for your business, so that you can see a positive impact in record time!

Remember—it doesn’t really matter what kind of local business you operate.

With my expertise, years of experience and cutting-edge technology, I’ll make sure you get a privileged spot in Google My Business, so that you can have a fully-compliant listing that will bring what you’re looking for: more business.

Optimised Business Listings

Did you know that 94% of searches in Australia are conducted using Google?

Well, it’s no secret.

That’s why your Google My Business listing should be fine-tuned and optimised so it can bring you the maximum amount of clients possible.

This exclusive service will help you to perfect your Google My Business listing and make it a powerful marketing tool. I’ll sign you up with Google My Business and optimise your listing.

I have plenty of experience doing this, and have been working with tons of satisfied clients who are now enjoying more calls to their businesses.

  • If you already have a Google My Business listing, that’s no problem, I’ll optimise it for you, making it super-effective.
  • If you don’t have one, I’ll sign you up with one.
  • I’ll select the proper category for your business (this is a critical part, and if you don’t do it correctly your listing won’t be as effective.)
  • I’ll add high-quality photos as a cover, profile and much more. It’s very important to display the right picture, and I know what works… and what doesn’t.
  • All of this is 100% done-for-you, so you don’t have to lift a single finger.

Get Glowing Reviews
For Your Business

There’s no doubt that postive reviews can get you more business that you can handle.

After all, people are more prone to do business with you if you have positive reviews from other happy customers recommending your services or products.

And here’s the most interesting part: over 86% of consumers read reviews from local businesses. That’s a staggering number, right?

So You need to have many more High Quality Reviews so the customer chooses your services.

Some Reasons To Work With Me:

Over the years I’ve worked with dozens upon of dozens smart local business owners that now are getting more calls and have a bigger exposure in Google.

I always take pride in offering an oustanding experience that’s uncommon these days.

Also, I deliver results—because the proof is in the pudding.

Here’s why you should work hand-in-hand with me today:

I always use strict quality controls and make sure that you get top-notch, attentive service.

My team and I are skilled professionals with many years of experience, and we know exactly what to do—without compromising your business or putting it in jeopardy.

I use effective techniques that will make your phone ring more often and that are 100% Google compliant. That means that you can sleep well at night knowing that your business is safe.

Cost-effective services: you don’t have to break your piggy bank in order to generate fantastic results for your business. My services are super affordable.

I use cutting-edge, safe software, and this means that you’ll get an unfair advantage over your competitors.

I offer a quality of service that will surprise you, and round-the-clock, friendly customer support.

And most importantly… I’ll get you the RESULTS you deserve. 100% guaranteed!

Are You Ready To Improve Your Local Business And Get
More Calls And More Interested Leads?

Here’s What To Do Next…

I’m sure that if you’ve read so far, you’re excited about the endless possibilities that I can bring to your local business, right?

I’m also excited about working with you, so here’s what to do next if you really want to see the results that you’re looking for.

During this call I’ll get to know you and your business and provide you with the necessary information so that we can move forward and start paving the way to generating MORE clients for your business.

Remember — my services are affordable and you don’t have to pay an arm and leg.

I’m personally running my company in a way that I’m in sync with my customers, unlike other SEO companies who don’t really care about you and your business’ needs.

Call me today for a FREE consultation and you’ll know exactly why dozens upon dozens of jazzed up clients work (and are still working) with me.

Take action now and let’s connect!

I’m looking forward to getting you more telephone calls and clients.

Stephen Henbie

PH: 0401900022